Experiments by GrowthHackers

Accelerate Your
Experimentation Process

The software to help your team plan KPIs, design experiments, track status, and share results across the board. Break silos to build experiences your customers love with innovation at its core. 


Scale Experimentation

Build an ongoing structured process based on the Growth Hacking methodology created by Sean Ellis.

Break Silos

Make your goals known across all squads and democratize ideation to foster innovative solutions.

Share Learnings

Build an experimentation learnings centre accessible to all teams.

Set a Growth Strategy

Plan and track KPIs that reflect on your North Star Metric, and monitor the results of your experimentation efforts. Let everyone on your team know what you are trying to achieve and easily report on your progress.


Empower Your Team to Suggest
and Test Ideas

With Experiments software, you can centralize idea suggestions, allowing any team member to suggest out-of-the-box ideas that can be refined with data, compared against your knowledge base, and prioritized according to your own criteria and current goals.

Build Culture of Experimentation

The culture of experimentation goes much further than just A/B testing. Today's fastest-growing companies are always testing across their entire customer journey, not just the top of the funnel. 

Integrate your favorite tech stack to have insights and tests results all in one place. Ideate, plan, and test new ways to improve your lead's experience from first impression, reducing time to value, increasing LTV, and creating brand advocates.


Retain Learnings

Build a knowledge base on how tests have performed across your funnel. Gain a birds-eye view on where your team is focusing the most and the success rate across different levers and objectives. Share and celebrate wins with stakeholders and keep your team engaged and motivated to test new ideas.


Everything you need in one place

Collaborate with your team to build an ongoing process of experimentation across the entire AARRR funnel.

Strategy and Metrics Dashboards
Invite Your Team to Collaborate
Plan Your Experiments Hypothesis
Prioritize Ideas
Assign Tasks
Track Experiments Status
Integrate Your Growth Stack
Build a Learning Centre
Report on Your Progress

In our customer's own words...

Who's it for?

Growth Software has a suite of solutions for teams in different verticals who have the goal of growing the businesses: SaaS, mobile apps, digital media, financial services, e-commerces, logistics, e-learning, consumer goods, industry, and more!

Growth Teams

Running high-tempo testing experiments across the whole customer journey

CRO Teams
(Conversion Rate Optimization)

Executing a/b tests in landing pages, home pages, emails and validating the best versions

Innovation Teams

In the search for new products, new lines of business, new moonshot projects

Growth Agencies

Managing the execution of tests for multiple customers through different growth levers

Accelerators & Incubators

Supporting batches of various startups at once and needing to keep track of their progress


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